Two Thousand Years of Philosophy

DCAMP capitalises on Durham’s position as a world-leading centre for the study of philosophy in the pre-modern period.

It brings together specialists from across Departments and Faculties to foster innovative collaboration in research and teaching: to promote work at the leading edge of research in ancient and medieval philosophy, to develop unique training opportunities at Durham for young researchers (from undergraduates to research fellows), and to bring to the widest possible public an appreciation of the first 2,000 years of philosophical debate that has shaped our world.


DCAMP Welcomes New Colleagues

DCAMP is extremely excited to welcome two new colleagues to our Centre. Edith Hall returns to Durham as Professor, after two … Continue reading DCAMP Welcomes New Colleagues

Successes for Junior Colleagues in DCAMP

The Durham Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (DCAMP) is pleased to announce successful recent appointments of its members to academic … Continue reading Successes for Junior Colleagues in DCAMP

DCAMP Events Calendar Updated for Epiphany Term 2020

The DCAMP events page has been updated with visiting research seminars and conferences occurring from January until April! Please visit

Ancient Revelation: Divination, Prophecy and Epiphany

Speakers and Titles Addey, Crystal (St Andrews): Divination and Dialogue in Porphyry and Iamblichus Busine, Aude (Brussels): ‘The bubbling water has … Continue reading Ancient Revelation: Divination, Prophecy and Epiphany

DCAMP goes to IMC Leeds!

DCAMP is very pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sessions on … Continue reading DCAMP goes to IMC Leeds!

PGR Applicant Bursaries

We are offering travel and accommodation bursaries of up to £250 to enable prospective applicants for the PhD programme at Durham … Continue reading PGR Applicant Bursaries

BSHP Graduate Essay Prize

Attention MA / PhD students! This competition opens on 1st November, with a deadline of 30th November. It is open to … Continue reading BSHP Graduate Essay Prize

Call for Papers: International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 1-4, 2019

What is the Matter of/with Medieval Philosophy? Call for paper proposals in the area of medieval philosophy for one or more … Continue reading Call for Papers: International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 1-4, 2019

Tübingen Post-doctoral position

There is a post-doc. opening with our colleagues in Tübingen – could be for someone working on the Platonic tradition.  Click … Continue reading Tübingen Post-doctoral position

New Research Fellows 2018/2019

We are delighted that we will be welcoming three research fellows hosted by the IAS in the coming year: Dr Anders … Continue reading New Research Fellows 2018/2019

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