Daily Archives: 17/10/2021

Launch of new book series, Cambridge Texts and Studies in Platonism

DCAMP is pleased to announce the launch of a new book series, published by Cambridge University Press, titled Cambridge Texts and Studies in Platonism, co-edited by Dr Phillip Horky (Durham), Prof. Dr Irmgard Männlein-Robert (Tϋbingen), and Dr Federico Petrucci (Turin). More information about the series, including the expected publication of the volumes arising out of Project Academy, will be forthcoming. The official launch will occur at a conference at the University of Turin, Italy, co-sponsored by DCAMP and the Philosophy Department at the University of Turin, titled ‘Perspectives in Platonism: towards a New Agenda’, 27-29 October 2021. The Classics editor for Cambridge University Press, Michael Sharp, will himself inaugurate the new series on 28 October, 6-7pm. The conference will feature DCAMP members Phillip Horky, Giulia De Cesaris (PhD 2020), and Carlo Cacciatori (current PhD student). To attend the conference in person or remotely, please contact filisofia.antica.to@gmail.com.