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DCAMP Workshop: ‘Texts, Editions, Translations’

DCAMP Workshop: ‘Texts, Edition, Translations’ (11 February 2022, 4 March 2022, 11 March 2022)

The workshop focuses on skills and methodologies for doing research in Classics and Ancient Philosophy.
For information, please contact the organiser: Dr Giulia Bonasio (giulia.bonasio@durham.ac.uk)

Joan Miró, The Two Philosophers (Art Institute of Chicago, 1936)

11 February: Dr Yury Arzhanov (University
of Salzburg)

“Aristotle in Orient” Via Zoom

4 March: Prof Christopher Rowe (Durham

“Restoring a Text: reflections on an
Aristotelian case (the Eudemian Ethics),
with working examples”
In person and via Zoom

11 March: Dr Michael McOsker (Köln

“The Joys and Travails of Charcoal
Papyrology: The Herculaneum Papyri”
In person and via Zoom