Reading Groups

DCAMP Reading Group 2023-2024: Plutarch, On Stoic (Self-)Contradiction

The DCAMP Reading Group meets Mondays 1-2pm in person (in the Ritson Room, CLAS007, Department of Classics & Ancient History, 28 North Bailey, DH1 3EU) and on Zoom. All are welcome, regardless of knowledge of Greek, post-Hellenistic philosophy, or Plutarch. Please contact Phil Horky for the Zoom link.

We are reading Cherniss’s edition (1976) of the Greek text of De Stoicorum Repugnantiis, which can be accessed here: Plutarch, Moralia Vol. XIII, Part 2: Stoic Essays.

It may be useful to consult the Teubner edition, available here: Teubner Edition De Stoicorum Repugnantis, Plutarch.

Finally, a very useful introduction to the text can be found here:
Boys-Stones 1998 – Plutarch on koinos logos. Towards an Architecture of the de Stoicorum repugnantiis. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 16.

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