Ancient Revelation: Divination, Prophecy and Epiphany

Speakers and Titles

  • Addey, Crystal (St Andrews): Divination and Dialogue in Porphyry and Iamblichus
  • Busine, Aude (Brussels): ‘The bubbling water has been quenched.’ Emperor Julian and the End of Oracles
  • Hall, Claire (Oxford): Prophecy in Origen’s Contra Celsum
  • Heath, Jane (Durham): Revelation and the Muses from the Classical to the Imperial age
  • Parker, Robert (Oxford): Oracles, Diviners and Consultants
  • Petridou, Georgia (Liverpool), Epiphany and Divination Reconsidered
  • Ramelli, Ilaria (SHMS, Detroit), ‘Revelation’ for Christians and Pagans and its Philosophical Allegoresis: Intersections within Imperial Platonism
  • Santangelo, Federico (Newcastle): Revelation and Roman Augury
  • Simonetti, E.G. (Durham): Divination in Late Stoicism
  • Struck, Peter (UPenn): Comparative Perspectives on Greek Divination and Christian Prophecy
  • Tanaseanu-Döbler, Ilinca (Göttingen): Epiphany in Iamblichus and Proclus
  • Tervanotko, Hanna (McMaster): Gender and Divinatory Techniques in Jewish Texts of the Greco-Roman Era
  • Timotin, Andrei (Bucharest): The Neoplatonic Background of a Text on Prophecy Attributed to John Chrysostom
  • Waldner, Katharina (Erfurt): The Proof from Martyrdom: Early Christian Martyrdom Narratives as Performances of True Prophecy
  • Zambon, Marco (Padova): Pseudo-Clement and the Real Prophet


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