May 22, 2024


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DCAMP Workshop: ‘Oneirata: Workshop on Sleep, Dreams, and Divination in Aristotle and his Predecessors’ (22-23 May 2024)

Oneirata: Workshop on Sleep, Dreams, and Divination in Aristotle and his Predecessors

(22nd-23rd May 2024)

Organized by Maria Cristina Mennuti (Durham University) and Marco Picciafuochi (Università Roma Tre)

Sponsored by DCAMP, Arisoteles Pezographos, University College, MIND, Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, British Society for the History of Philosophy, Durham University, and Università Roma Tre

Held at: Durham University, Department of Classics and Ancient History, 38 N. Bailey, Durham, DH1 3EU, UK

and on Zoom (to register for Zoom, please contact Maria Cristina Mennuti at by, at the latest, Tuesday 21st May 2024, 4pm GMT)


WELCOME LECTURE (Tuesday 21st May, 4:00-5:00PM)

Elvet Riverside ER142

by James Allen (University of Toronto).

‘Aristotle, Dialectic and Philosophy’



Wednesday 22nd May

SESSION 1 11:30AM-1:45AM Department of Classics CL108

11:30-12:00 Welcome (Coffee & Tea)

12:00-12:15 Introduction by Maria Cristina Mennuti (Durham University)


Chair: Roberto Di Tuccio (Durham University)

Speaker: Edith Hall [online] (Durham University).

‘Predictive Dreams and Visions in Greek Tragedy, with Particular Attention to the Atridae’

Respondent: George Gazis (Durham University)

Lunch Break 1:45-3:00

SESSION 2 3:00-6:15PM Department of Classics CL108


Chair: Lorenzo Zemolin (Università Roma Tre)

Speaker: Klaus Corcilius (Tübingen Universität).

‘Phantasia in Dreams’

Respondent: Matilde Berti (Durham University)

4:30-4:45 Coffee & Tea


Chair: Sara Uckelman (Durham University)

Presenter: Phillip S. Horky (Durham University).

‘Sleep in Antiphon? Workshopping the New Papyrus Fragment of On Truth

Discussant: Giovanni Trovato (Università di Pisa)


Thursday 23rd May

SESSION 3 (9:00-12:15AM) Department of Classics CL108


Chair: Giulia Bonasio (Durham University)

Speaker: Jennifer Windt [online] (Monash University).

‘Are Sleep and Wakefulness Opposites? How Recent Findings from Cognitive Neuroscience Challenge Aristotle’s View of Sleep and Dreaming’

Respondent: Daphne Bernués (Pompeu Fabra University/Durham University)

10:30-11:00 Coffee & Tea


Chair: Nathan Gilbert (Durham University)

Speaker: Sam Wilkinson (Exeter University).

‘Imagination and Hallucination in the Enculturated Mind’

Respondent: Ariel Swyer (Durham University)

Lunch Break 12:30-2:00

SESSION 4 2:00-6:00PM Department of Classics CL107 (Ritson Room)


Chair: Giulia Bernardini (Durham University)

Speaker: Stephanie Holton (Open University).

‘Prognosis and the psyche: the Medical Dream before Aristotle’

Respondent: Marco Collatuzzo (Università di Pisa)

3:30-4:00 Coffee & Tea


Chair: Pietro Cannatella (Durham University)

Speaker: Maria Cristina Mennuti (Durham University).

‘Sleeping with Daemons. A Philosophical Relationship between Daemons and Dreams’

Respondent: Chiara Blanco (Newcastle University)


Closing Remarks by Marco Picciafuochi (Università Roma Tre)