June 16, 2022



Conference: Portrayals of ‘Intellectuals’ in the Ancient World

Thursday 16 June 2022

14.00‒14.30 h: Thorsten Fögen (Durham University, GB): Welcome and introduction

14.30‒15.15 h: Laura Viidebaum (New York University, US): “Who is an intellectual in Classical Athens?”

15.15‒15.45 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k

15.45‒16.30 h: Dietrich Boschung (Universität Köln, Germany): “The portrayal of Socrates as an intellectual”

16.30‒17.15 h: Edith Hall (Durham University, GB): “Relatively funny. Re-reading the phrontistérion in Aristophanes’ Clouds”

17.15‒17.45 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k

17.45‒18.30 h: Karen Piepenbrink (Universität Gießen, Germany): “On the self-representation of Isocrates”

18.30‒19.15 h: Manuel Baumbach (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany): “Learnedness and ‘intellectualism’ as targets of jokes and anecdotes”

Friday 17 June 202213.00‒13.45 h: Rhiannon Ash (Oxford University, GB): “Caesar as intellectual and anti-intellectual”

13.45‒14.30 h: Tanja Itgenshorst (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland): “The portrayal of Greek thinkers and philosophers in Valerius Maximus”

14.30‒15.00 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k15.00‒15.45 h: Georgia Irby (College of William & Mary, US): “The construction of an intellectual. Pomponius Mela and his sources”

15.45‒16.30 h: Cynthia Damon (University of Pennsylvania, US): “Pliny the Elder ‒ an intellectual malgré lui”

16.30‒17.00 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k

17.00‒17.45 h: James L. Zainaldin (University of Oklahoma, US): “An audience of intellectuals? The readership of Latin technical and scientific literature”

17.45‒18.30 h: Kendra Eshleman (Boston College, US): “Uncropping the portrait. Non-experts in the public performances of intellectuals”

Saturday 18 June 2022

13.00‒13.45 h: Barbara Borg (University of Exeter, GB): “Intellectual allegiances. The visual rhetoric of Roman portraits”

13.45‒14.30 h: Ralph M. Rosen (University of Pennsylvania, US): “Galen on doctors, philosophers and intellectuals”14.30‒15.00 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k

15.00‒15.45 h: Michael Trapp (King’s College London, GB): “Maximus of Tyre’s Orations 15 and 16 and the tradition of sitings of philosophers”

15.45‒16.30 h: Caterina Pellò (University College London, GB): “Pythagorean women and the making of a female intellectual”

16.30‒17.00 h: C o f f e e / t e a b r e a k17.00‒17.45 h: Jan Stenger (Universität Würzburg, Germany): “The intellectual life in late antiquity. Between learned leisure and forum”

17.45‒18.30 h: Heinz-Günther Nesselrath (Universität Göttingen, Germany): “Julian – an intellectual becomes emperor”18.30‒19.00 h: Final discussion and conclusion

For more information, visit Portrayals of ‘Intellectuals’ in the Ancient World.